Our Customer Service Standards


We Will...

  • Provide a range of booklets, fliers and information leaflets about the services we deliver
  • Produce A Monthly E-Newsletter Outlining The Programme Of Events
  • Ensure information is clear and easy to understand
  • Provide accurate and up to date information
  • Use our website as an information and communication tool that is updated regularly
  • Use our social media channels to provide up to date information


We will...

  • Actively invite you to participate in our Customer Service process and setting of standards via regular surveys, focus groups, through our website and in our venue.
  • We will publish performance data on our website so that you have the opportunity to participate and engage with us
  • Carry out satisfaction surveys on a regular basis with customers and via Mystery Shopping along with the pro-active circulation and analysis of customer comment cards


We will...

  • Be Polite & Helpful At All Times And Measure This via comment cards and Mystery Shopping visits
  • Present a clean, warm and tidy venue and measure this
  • Provide access and provision for people with disabilities including spaces for ten wheelchairs, lifts to all levels of the building, low level access at box office and an infra-red system for patrons with hearing difficulties.
  • We will also provide a BSL Signed Performance and Captioned Performance for our annual Pantomime.
  • Display and publish clear signage information
  • Respect your privacy at box office with dedicated workstations for customers.
  • You will be dealt with immediately when you arrive in the venue and if our box office staff are on a call they will acknowledge your arrival and deal with your enquiry as soon as the call is finished. Our target is 90% of callers seen within target times and results will be published here.


  • We aim to answer your call within six rings. You will be advised of the name of the staff member dealing with your enquiry and which department you are through to.
  • We have upgraded our telephone booking system. If our staff are busy on another call you can choose to either hold for the next available staff member or leave a message and we will return your call. We aim to return all calls within one hour and we will measure this and publish the results here.


  • We aim to provide a website that is accessible and easy to navigate and provide information on it which is useful, accurate and up to date
  • We have a facebook page and twitter account where up to date and accurate information is provided. Facebook page here and twitter account here


  • We record, monitor and measure complaints and compliments and will publish the results via the website.
  • We aim to acknowledge and deal with complaints as quickly as possible.
  • We will acknowledge all complaints within 72 hours and aim to deal with all complaints within 10 working days.
  • We aim to resolve 90% of all complaints within 10 working days and will monitor and publish the results of these here.
  • We will ensure that you have clear information on how to make a comment, compliment or complaint and will use information from comments, compliments and and complaints to improve our services


  • We will consult and involve our customers using a wide range of methods and review our approaches annualy. Results and improvement actions from our consultations will be communicated via our website
  • We also aim to achieve 98% 'excellent' or 'good' comments from returned comment cards


Whilst we take great care to ensure that we provide all our services to a high standard, we accept that from time to time problems will arise or your expectations may not be met. This may result in a dip in performance against our customer service standards.

If customer expectations are not met we will inform you of this and outline the reasons why and more importantly what action we are taking to put things right and prevent it happening in the future.

We assess performance and any dips through feedback comment cards, mystery shopping visits, customer surveys, evaluation of complaints and comments, and focus groups to monitor our standards.


Recent focus groups with different groups of customers provided us with feedback, useful insights, and areas where we can improve:

  • ISSUE: Phone rings out when box office line is busy | ACTION TAKEN: Customers can leave a message and call is returned or they can hold for next available operator
  • ISSUE: Interval too brief | ACTION TO BE TAKEN: Extend interval to allow for a more relaxed experience with drinks etc
  • ISSUE: Receive too many mailings | ACTION TO BE TAKEN: Focus on e-communications
  • ISSUE: No loyalty scheme in place for regular customers | ACTION TO BE TAKEN: Theatre to introduce loyalty scheme


Focus Group meeting carried out with different customers who were randomly selected to give us additional feedback, opinions and recommendations for improvement. Areas to be followed up include:

  • ISSUE: Squeaky seats in North and South Galleries | ACTION TO BE TAKEN: All seating to be tested and fixed as required.
  • ISSUE: Seat selection not available on mobile sites | ACTION TO BE TAKEN: To investigate possibility of providing seat selection with ticketing provider.
  • ISSUE: Saturday matinee performances of adult targeted shows would be appreciated | ACTION TO BE TAKEN: To look into the viability of such programming.
  • ISSUE: Front cover of current brochure doesn't convey The Market Place Theatre's name strongly enough | ACTION TO BE TAKEN: Future covers to be reviewed for strength of brand.





Cara Dillon: Upon A Winter's Night

December 14

Cara Dillon: Upon A Winter's Night

Sleeping Beauty Panto

December 15 - December 24

Sleeping Beauty Panto

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December 16

Christmas Jazz Club: Martello Jazz Band