Visual Arts

The Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre presents exhibitions in its main gallery and foyer spaces throughout the year.

Exhibitions in all types of media are considered by a Panel and there are annual calls for exhibition submissions.

Interested artists can take a 360 degree tour of our venue here where you can view the gallery and foyer exhibition spaces in all their glory.


  • New Works

    New Works

    Arts Care

    Exhibition Runs 16 Oct 2015 until 28 Nov 2015

    A series of new artworks have been produced by the service users of the Southern Trust alongside Artscare artist in residence Eddie Rafferty. The main theme in this exhibition is salvage. Local artists have collected wheels, second hand wood, metal and other materials, to build a new collection of artworks for the Southern Trust. Focusing on recycling, reclaiming, reconstructing and rebuilding. The works depicts imagery from the GIRO Italia, travels to the beach, the Brazilian world cup to Hollywood stars.

  • Beings


    Orlaith Cullinane

    Exhibition Runs 30 Oct 2015 until 28 Nov 2015

    Órlaith Cullinane’s work largely consists of studies of birds, animals, humans and a few creatures that fall somewhere between. She seeks to connect with the wild and sometimes the mythical amongst the ordinary and mundane infusing her drawings, prints and painting with that essence so they pulse with a charge of life.

  • The Water's Edge

    The Water's Edge

    North Armagh Artists Collective

    Exhibition Runs 4 Dec 2015 until 9 Jan 2016

    The North Armagh Artists Collective present “The Water’s Edge”, an exhibition of new work inspired by their residency in the Artspace studio at Oxford Island nature reserve, Craigavon. The collective was established in 2010 and has been based at the Artspace studio on the shores of Lough Neagh since 2013. They have been working closely with the Arts Development team at the Discovery Centre as well as their personal projects, not to mention the preparation for the exhibition. NAAC members possess a diverse range of disciplines and practices from fragile textiles to experiments with liquid dynamics and “The Water’s Edge”, promises to be an intriguing response to a unique environment.

  • Blurred Mirrors

    Blurred Mirrors

    Michaela O'Connell

    Exhibition Runs 4 Dec 2015 until 9 Jan 2016

    My work investigates the pull between consciousness and reality, by consciousness I’m addressing the whole operation of mind and body which is the source of our behaviour, actions, moods and intuitions. Through experiences we develop a vision of our surroundings, an ever changing coping mechanism which creates our own blurred vision of the world. These portraits strive to render parts of the character depicted, an incomplete narrative that will only take the viewer so far by exposing and concealing what is felt internally, emotion can be captured and recognized and expression can lay bare what is felt internally but nothing can come with a definite validation.

Interested In Exhibiting?

The Market Place Theatre makes annual calls for exhibition submissions. If you would like to be considered simply fill in your details and we will be in touch