Visual Arts

The Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre presents exhibitions in its main gallery and foyer spaces throughout the year.

Exhibitions in all types of media are considered by a Panel and there are annual calls for exhibition submissions.

Interested artists can take a 360 degree tour of our venue here where you can view the gallery and foyer exhibition spaces in all their glory.


  • Hidden Realities

    Hidden Realities

    Kevin Traynor

    Exhibition Runs 22 Aug 2014 until 20 Sep 2014

    A project shot in various locations in Iran by documentary photographer Kevin Traynor examines to what extent our perceptions and ideas are formulated by the Media and how the assumptions we therefore create in our own minds often do not correspond with reality. In ‘Hidden Realities’ Kevin seeks to dispel an irrational fear of that part of the world from where the Western Media has implanted many myths and preconceptions into our subconscious.

  • Grey Area

    Grey Area

    John Cullen

    Exhibition Runs 22 Aug 2014 until 20 Sep 2014

    The paintings are based on aerial images, some of which were taken using military technology and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). Grey Area alludes to the moral and legal ambiguity associated with such operations, and also to the grainy grey hues of the images, which sanitises the viewer from the horror of warfare. Alongside the greys are interspersed vivid colours that imbue a human and spatial dimension to the paintings.

  • Paddy Lamb

    Paddy Lamb

    Paddy Lamb

    Exhibition Runs 26 Sep 2014 until 25 Oct 2014

    Originally from the city of Armagh, Paddy Lamb studied Modern History at Trinity College, Dublin, and Physical Education and History as a post-graduate at the University of Alberta. He moved to Canada in 1985 and subsequently worked as a historian and archivist before devoting himself to a full-time career as a visual artist. In 2009 and 2011 he was awarded a fellowship and residency at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Ballycastle, Co. Mayo, and in 2013 he was awarded a residency at the Thomas Gushul Studio in Blairmore, Alberta.

  • Contemplation


    Olive Eustace

    Exhibition Runs 26 Sep 2014 until 25 Oct 2014

    Contemplation is inspired by the figure, my local surroundings, the Cooley peninsula and childhood memories. Each painting captures a snapshot of life and tells a story. A single figure takes centre stage stylised, simple in colour and meditative in mood. The figure is placed in an interior setting or seen outdoors. All these works are created from my imagination I have a particular interest in the face finding it the most expressive part of the body. I hope this exhibition will bring to the viewer a celebration of the figure in life and beauty in colour.

  • Music On Canvas

    Music On Canvas

    J B Vallely, Lorcan Vallely & Barry Kerr

    Exhibition Runs 31 Oct 2014 until 29 Nov 2014

    Part of the 21st William Kennedy Piping Festival Featuring painting and prints from three of Armagh's most successful artists.

  • Making, 20 Years On

    Making, 20 Years On

    Stephen Farnan

    Exhibition Runs 5 Dec 2014 until 10 Jan 2015

    You may remember Stephen Farnan from his pottery in Benburb, but two years ago Stephen moved to Belfast where he established his new workshop - Studio29. It’s from here that Stephen continues to develop his unique portfolio of work that has established him as a ceramic artist both at home and internationally.

  • When I Dream

    When I Dream

    Keith Drury

    Exhibition Runs 5 Dec 2014 until 10 Jan 2015

    Keith’s work can be found in many galleries throughout the UK and Ireland. His work is regularly a best seller for some of the largest galleries in England.

Interested In Exhibiting?

The Market Place Theatre makes annual calls for exhibition submissions. If you would like to be considered simply fill in your details and we will be in touch