Visual Arts

The Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre presents exhibitions in its main gallery and foyer spaces throughout the year.

Exhibitions in all types of media are considered by a Panel and there are annual calls for exhibition submissions.

Interested artists can take a 360 degree tour of our venue here where you can view the gallery and foyer exhibition spaces in all their glory.


  • The Space Between

    The Space Between

    Adrian O'Connell

    Exhibition Runs 28 Oct 2016 until 26 Nov 2016

    The Space Between, O’Connell’s new exhibition, transforms paintings into critical social commentary in an era of globalization and a growing new world order. His paintings examine the current trend of information gathering. In particular, elements of the recognisable barcode are metaphorically used to convey how one’s personal data may be collated to track one’s movements, patterns of spending and possibly in the not so distant future, indicate whom one may or may not vote for.

  • Pots, Porcelain, Pencils & Paper

    Pots, Porcelain, Pencils & Paper

    Stephen Farnan

    Exhibition Runs 28 Oct 2016 until 26 Nov 2016

    Stephen Farnan can’t sit on his hands… In his 2016 Marketplace exhibition Stephen will be exhibiting, for the first time, his award winning ‘Ultimate Maps’ alongside a new body of work titled ‘From the Sketchbook’. He will also show some of his newest ‘Captured Memories’ and ‘Quirky Pots’. Typically Stephens work bridges the artistic and commercial sensibility, and his new ‘Ultimates’ are the embodiment of this entrepreneurial artistic practice, selling and winning awards internationally! He reckons you will love them!

  • Mapping Alternative Ulster

    Mapping Alternative Ulster


    Exhibition Runs 2 Dec 2016 until 7 Jan 2017

    Maps of Northern Ireland are often used to illustrate traditional political divisions, but they conceal a much more nuanced and interesting place. This landscape, rural and urban, is much more than a site of conflict. The exhibition showcases a dozen map-makers, each taking a very different look at the places we think we know so well. These map-makers are local historians, activists, artists, geographers and urban planners, all interpreting our surroundings in different ways. Together, they cover the ground from Donegal to Down to Armagh. Mapping Alternative Ulster re-thinks our representation on maps.

  • Shakespeare Lives Through Kenneth Branagh On Stage And Screen

    Shakespeare Lives Through Kenneth Branagh On Stage And Screen


    Exhibition Runs 6 Dec 2016 until 31 Jan 2017

    This exhibition celebrates the work of Kenneth Branagh in bringing Shakespeare to life on stage and screen and making the work of the Bard accessible to a global audience. It features rarely seen artefacts from the Sir Kenneth Branagh Archive in Special Collections, the McClay Library at Queen’s University Belfast, which illustrate the actor-director’s remarkable Shakespearean career, from his debut as Henry V with the Royal Shakespeare Company aged just 23 to his Oscar-nominated screen adaptation of Hamlet, and beyond.

Interested In Exhibiting?

The Market Place Theatre makes annual calls for exhibition submissions. If you would like to be considered simply fill in your details and we will be in touch