Many Styles

  • BY: Real 1 & K9
  • DATES: Fri 23 Jun until Mon 17 Jul
  • CATEGORY: Mixed Media

Exhibition Preview Fri 23 June | 7.00pm

"Many Styles" is an exhibition of graffiti / street art works and installations by artist Real1 and artist/illustrator K9.As the graffiti / street art culture has become more popular over recent years both artists wished to demonstrate how this art scene has developed and how it is not limited in creativity or style due to its origin.

Some works will also reflect upon commercialism and propaganda of today and its impact on society. The exhibition will open on the 25th of June and will run until 17th July 2017. The exhibition open evening will feature music by DJ Spliff Richard followed by guest beat boxer Renis Deep, Hip Hop dance by JD Dance and live art by Real1

About Real1:

Real1 is a London born graffiti Artist who has been on the graffiti scene since the early 90's. After gaining recognition in the Art World, and exhibiting in various countries including the United States,Africa and Norway.He is now based in Northern Ireland and works as an artist and experiments constantly with different mediums,canvases and painting walls while staying true to his artistic roots.
"My main influences and inspirations are taken from artists such as; Jean Michel Basquiat and the underground graffiti and hip hop scene from the early 90’s. I am mostly known for my stylized characters and use of mixed media. I try to provoke a reaction or emotion through my work to leave a profound and lasting impact" Says Real1

About K9:

K9 is an artist, graphic designer and illustrator based in Northern ireland. K9's work is very expressive with strong use of mixed media and stylized animal characters. She uses these along with symbolism to visually communicate through her work. Over the past 3 years K9 has become more involved in the street art movement using her work as a means to push messages into public space and often please the eye.